Compassion/FertilityTear Drop - Natural


Fertility is symbolised by the Egg and/or Tear Drop. The Tear Drop is also the symbol of compassion. It is reputed that a woman who wishes to become pregnant or is in gestation, benefits by the symbol of the Fertility Egg in her environment. It is suggested that the Salt Egg Lamp be left on all the time in the main room where she resides. This will bring improved "luck" with conception, and provide a good term while carrying. It is also beneficial for the Egg to remain close to the new born for the negative ions the lamp produces along with the symbolic meaning of strong fertility & birth.

Pink - For a Girl

Blue - For a Boy

Red - For energy

Natural - For All.

Dimensions: 19-21cm Tall. 10-12cms Width. 1.75-2.00kg Weight.

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