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Contents currently includes and continues to be expanded:

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3-Page Science & Information Sheet

Dry Salt Inhaler Instructions

Selenite Information Sheet

New Videos

“How long do I keep my Salt Lamp on for?”

“What are negative ions?”

“How do salt lamps produce negative ions?”

“Electromagnetic Pollution & the Benefits of Salt Lamps”

“Himalayan Salt Lamps Shapes Vs Natural Shapes”

“Himalayan Salt Tea Lights”

“Himalayan Salt lamp Planets”

“How are salt lamps formed”

“Compliance in Australia of Salt Lamps”

“Food Grade Himalayan Rock Salt”

“Going on holiday and your Salt Lamps”

“Salt Lamps & Selenite Lamps”

“Himalayan Salt Bathing Chunks”

“History of Himalayan Salt Lamps “

“How to use a Dry Salt Inhaler”

“Why do salt lamps bleed water?”

Original Videos

Salt Lamp Introduction – Full Version

Selenite Lamp Introduction

Himalayan Salt Inhaler Instructions

Salt Rooms – The Benefits (as seen on “A Current Affair”)

Monthly Tidbit Articles – More topics added monthly

“Hydroscopic” An explanation about qualities of Salt

How Negative Ions are created by Salt Lamps & the benefits

Salt Lamps and Electromagnetism

What is “Salt Vapour” and the benefits

Why do Salt Lamps “Bleed” and how to correct it

How often do you use Salt Lamps and are they energy efficient?

Energy Efficiency VS. Negative Ion production

How to determine what size Salt Lamp by calculating cubic volume of a room

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