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Our Range

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps look fantastic in any setting, but they also have enormous therapeutic benefits.

Himalayan Salt Lamps when turned on continuously emit “Negative Ions” into the atmosphere that ‘scoop up’ pathogens and toxins in the air we breathe. As the lamp is gently warmed by the globe the salt lamp attracts moisture from the surrounding air and a slight chemical reaction takes place (the salt appears glossy), releasing negative ions into the air.

What are “Negative Ions”? It sounds a bit technical doesn’t it? Well, its really easy. Most man-made substances create “positive ions” that alter the structure of our cells, as the positive ion acts as an ‘acid’ and can affect healthy tissue. Negative Ions neutralise these ‘bad’ elements and render them harmless.

Negative Ions are found abundantly in nature especially around moving water and air. Remember your last visit to the ocean, a forest where the air was crisp and clean or an active waterfall. You were experiencing negative ions! You would leave the environment refreshed and restored.

But, in modern buildings we have a higher proportion of positive ions that can contribute to low health and lethargy. Himalayan salt lamps have been scientifically shown to increase negative ion presence by 300%, therefore correcting the imbalance of excessive positive ions.

Negative Ions help to ‘clean’ the air and create a relaxed environment

Where can Himalayan Salt Lamps be used?

  • In bedrooms where people have breathing challenges – i.e. Asthma, Allergy Sufferers, etc

  • Anywhere you want the air quality to be improved or preserved. Anywhere you want to create a cozy, relaxing, wellness environment. Anywhere you want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Office workers. A lamp at work can help improve your concentration and refresh you, neutralizing the effects of stress, artificial light and air environment

  • Massage rooms. A lamp or two in the massage room will greatly enhance and create a natural ionizing calming, wellness environment and will also keep the air fresh

  • Convalescents. While you recover from an illness, a lamp by your bedside will be a comforting and healthy companion.

  • Office desk, Computer users. Place a Salt Crystal Lamp near your computer to reduce fatigue, counter EMF (electromagnetic pollution) effects from equipment. The lamp will also minimize the effects of all that monitor radiation

  • Well accepted by Natural Health Practitioners. A Salt Crystal Lamp glowing in your consulting or treating room assists the healing process and adds to a calming environment

  • Parents, place a comforting Salt Crystal Lamp by your child’s bedside. It is a completely safe and lovely night light, and will enhance your child’s sleep, keeping the atmosphere clean. Also consider our NEW Night Lights

  • Feng Shui fans. A few Salt Crystal Lamps placed at strategic spots will enhance and clear the energy of the room

  • Meditators. When you repose in peace and quiet, a Salt Crystal lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience

  • Smokers. A few lamps around smoky areas will clear away those lingering smells faster

Our lamps are authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps and we only use adult carvers to mine our lamps. We do not use children. We are committed to ethical human standards and respect for our fellow man.

Each Lamp has between three and four sides, meaning you can rotate the lamp for a different affect.

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Here’s what some recent customers say about us:

“Credit to the Team,

Excellent Service is really the only words I have to use.

Placing an order and receiving my goods within 24hours – and this during the lead up to Easter !!!! absolutely remarkable.

I would like to especially thank Steve.

Your response to my concerns in relation to receiving my goods (in time for a birthday was a great relief), both your turnaround in email responses and order deliveries, show your commitment to customer, company and beliefs.

The customer service I received was above and beyond anything I have received.

Keep up the great work.

Jodi McCabe”


“Thanks heaps, I am sooooo looking forward to this one! Between the lamps and all my other e-bay purchases of late my house is looking like the e-bay queen lives there! With this purchase I can swap my current lounge one over for the new one and have it in my bedroom, effectively I then have one in almost every room in the house. The kids love theirs in their rooms, I cannot thank you enough for sending me my beautiful items.

The last Selenite Lamps arrived safely (one is put away for another daughters birthday in May) whilst the other is in the dining room front window, it gives a beautiful soft glow in the front window for all visitors, it’s a welcome sight when I come home each night.

If I ever get round to it I will send some pics! have a magical week.

Regards, Lyndie Eedes”


Hey Steve

I am extremely happy with the wonderful service I receive when buying a salt lamp, they have been beautiful and as presents the receiver has been just so happy so thank you. You are a pleasure doing business with.

Kindest regards

Kathleen O’Keeffe


Just received my 3 x 2-3kg salt lamps today and they are wonderful. I have 3 boys Luke 4, Tyler 5 and Brayden 10. My 2 youngest boys are in one room and are not fond of the dark.and Tyler has Asthma..So I have told the that this is the Helpful lamp and will make anything you want disappear they are super excited about that. My oldest boy suffers from Allergies on a regular basis so I have told him to always keep the lamp on and it will help with his Allergies and he just loves it as I let him pick his own. And the 3rd one is a Christmas present for my mother in law as she had seen the one we already have in our lounge room.. I will be back to get more.. Thanks for the fast delivery I know it is a busy time of the year.
Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year.

Caroline Chamberlain (December 2011)

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Retail Ordering :: Himalayan Salt Lamps

All Prices Include GST

All lamps come with a wooden base unless otherwise specified.

All lamps come with cord and one globe.


Natural Shapes – 3 Size Ranges


Size Range 1 :: Bedroom or Small Room

FREE Freight Included in Price for Single 2-3kg Lamps $29.50 BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #1 :: 2-3kg :: 16-20cms Tall :: Cover 8-10 Square Metres :: $22.00 BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #2 :: 3-4kg :: 18-22cms Tall :: Cover 10-12 Square Metres :: $25.00 BUY NOW


Multi Packs

Bedroom Size #1 :: 2 x 2-3kg :: $42.00 ($21.50 Each) BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #2 :: 2 x 3-4kg :: $48.00 ($24.00 Each) BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #1 :: 3 x 2-3kg :: $61.50 ($20.50 Each) BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #2 :: 3 x 3-4kg :: $70.50 ($23.50 Each) BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #1 :: 4 x 2-3kg :: $80.00 ($20.00 Each) BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #2 :: 4 x 3-4kg :: $92.00 ($23.00 Each) BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #1 :: 5 x 2-3kg :: $98.75 ($19.75 Each) BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #1 :: 6 x 2-3kg :: $117.00 ($19.50 Each) BUY NOW

Bedroom Size #1 :: 10 x 2-3kg :: $190.00 ($19.00 Each) BUY NOW

Himalayan Salt Lamp Shapes

Pyramid Salt Lamp Large 18-24cm High 3 – 4kg :: Now $39.95 BUY NOW

Sphere Salt Lamp Large 14-18cms 3.5 – 4.5kg :: Now $39.95 BUY NOW

Fire Bowl Salt Lamp 15-17cms 2.5 – 3.5kg :: Now $40.95 BUY NOW

Fire Bowl Salt Lamp 18-20cms 4-5kg :: Now $54.95 BUY NOW

*Please note: Specially carved lamps change from time to time from samples shown.

For Kids of All Ages – The Planet Series

Mars, Earth, Venus, The Sun

Mars :: Comes with 2 Globes 14-18cms 3.5 – 4.5kg :: $44.00 BUY NOW

Earth :: Comes with 2 Globes 14-18cms 3.5 – 4.5kg :: $44.00 BUY NOW

Venus :: Comes with 2 Globes 14-18cms 3.5 – 4.5kg :: $44.00 BUY NOW

The Sun :: Comes with 2 Globes 14-18cms 3.5 – 4.5kg :: $40.00 BUY NOW

Planet Series “Mars, Earth, Venus, The Sun” – Save 10% :: $172.00BUY NOW

Himalayan Salt Therapies

Himalayan Salt Inhaler

(Medical Disclaimer: This apparatus cannot cure or mitigate disease.

Consult your doctor or physician if you want to stop using your puffer).

Himalayan Salt Inhaler includes 2 years of Salt Granules :: $19.95 BUY NOW

200gm Replacement Salt for Inhaler :: $3.50 BUY NOW

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Himalayan Salt Granules for Cooking

1 x 1kg Bag :: $7.50/kg BUY NOW

2 x 1kg Bags :: $14.00 ($7.00/kg) BUY NOW

3 x 1kg Bags :: $19.50 ($6.50/kg) BUY NOW

Fine Grade White Salt

1 x 1kg Bag :: $7.50/kg $5.25/kg BUY NOW

2 x 1kg Bags :: $14.00 ($7.00/kg) $9.80 ($4.90/kg) BUY NOW

3 x 1kg Bags :: $19.50 ($6.50/kg) $13.65 ($4.55/kg) BUY NOW

Himalayan Salt Bathe Chunks

1kg Himalayan Bathing Chunks with Gift Bag (Hessian) :: $9.50 BUY NOW

1kg Himalayan Bathing Chunks (No Bag) :: $6.00 BUY NOW

Tea Lights

Natural Himalayan Salt Tea Light

1 unit :: $8.00 BUY NOW

3 units :: $19.50 ($6.50 each) BUY NOW

5 units :: $27.50 ($5.50 each) BUY NOW

Selenite Tea Light :: $16.00 BUY NOW

Crystal Lamps


Every rock or stone on the planet is famed for their unique healing qualities. Selenite is known for the following qualities: Provides Mental clarity, increases insight & improves awareness. In meditation Selenite can be used as a tool to aid in accessing past and future lives, by gently rubbing the stone. Stabilizes one’s emotions, bringing them under calm control. Natural environmental record keeper. Helps to clarify one’s innermost thoughts and to expand one’s mental powers.

One of the most powerful healing stones!

Selenite benefits the spinal column and skeletal system, muscular structure, and cellular structure. And produces “Negative Ions”!

(reference: http://www.peacefulmind.com/stones2.htm)

Selenite Lamp 6 Sizes :: Click Here to view sizes & Pricing

*Selenite lamps do not have a wooden base.

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Globes – Clear $2.00 BUY NOW
Globes x 4 Pack Clear $7.00 $7.00 BUY NOW
Cable Replacement with Globe – Black $10.00 BUY NOW
Cable Replacement – Black $7.50 BUY NOW

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