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How Salt Lamps Helps To Purify Air


How a Himalayan Salt Lamp helps in purifying the air you breathe

In today’s busy lifestyle and hectic schedules, the Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great solution to ease the stress our body experiences at work or home. Many medical advocates recommend these lamps in relieving stress at work, ease depression, help to sleep much better at night and purify the air we breathe inside buildings. For those that have asthma, allergies or suffering chronic diseases, Salt Lamps have proved tremendously beneficial to better breathing due to clearing the air of dust.

The salt crystals that are encased in a salt lamp, generate negative ions that eliminate positive ions present in the home created by high voltage electrical devices, thus creating cleaner air for breathing. Please note: Positive ions are essentially “acid molecules” to the lungs.  A Salt Lamp also eliminates smoke caused by cooking, burning, cigarettes, or any smell that also triggers nasal allergies.

The soothing ambience of the translucent glow of the lamp also encourages a relaxing atmosphere inside the bedroom or in the living room or in the children’s room. When it is used in the office, business owners have noticed tremendous shift in their employees work focus and well- being. It eases afternoon slump and procrastination giving a more productive team and healthy mindset that is absent before the use of the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps are chiseled and carved by hand so there is no one lamp the same as any other. Each lamp is unique in design, and the colors of the salts are naturally created long ago in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain ranges. Some salt crystal gives a glow of pink, white to off white, apricot and orange. Each glow is beautiful to look at you and you won’t have any trouble staring at it for hours.

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